My name is Sara Khan. I am a Geoscientist by profession and I love exploring! Every day you wake up- you see sights that hold you in awe, you taste food that warms your soul, you adorn yourself with beauty that inspires- no matter what we go through, this life is a blessing. 


I have an unquenchable thirst for everything that life has offer-I'm an avid traveler, a notorious gourmand and I crave eclectic trends & fashions. For 10 years I have been sampling sights, sounds & tastes locally & internationally- and that's what I bring to you on this blog. Curated experiences for food, travel, lifestyle & beauty worth your hard earned money. I review so that you only get the best! 

It's Your Life- It's Your SAY


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Ladies (and gents!)- Am I lying when I say maintenance & grooming is crucial? And expensive! Some are needed more frequently and it isn't easy to keep track of the top treatments in a world where you are bombarded with information everyday. There is nothing worse than taking that leap of faith- and being thoroughly let down! We help you navigate it all- which salons, what brands, which treatments, which stylist- get the honest deets right here!