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I have an unquenchable thirst for everything that life has offer-I'm an avid traveler, a notorious gourmand and I crave eclectic trends & fashions. For 10 years I have been sampling sights, sounds & tastes locally & internationally- and that's what I bring to you on this blog. Curated experiences for food, travel, lifestyle & beauty worth your hard earned money. I review so that you only get the best! 

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The Capital's Finest Brunch

Tamba Lazy Friday Brunch

As I finally devoured the last morsel of my dessert from Tamba's Lazy Brunch, I thought to myself," I should give up blogging about food" Because I don't think any restaurant can come close to the explosive flavor profile served at Tamba. Aptly titled "The Lazy Brunch", it is a culinary journey of 12 dishes that start light and end (literally) with a bang. The dishes arrive at a slow pace over 4 hours, enabling you to enjoy the palatial ambiance and modern vibes instilled by the DJ on deck. 



FLAVOR & TASTE (10/10):

Most blogs promote it as Indian inspired - I firmly believe it is an inspiration to foodies seeking out Indian cuisine, deriving strong flavors from various states of the mainland. Each dish, from appetizers & salads to the main affair, is carefully crafted and finessed to leave an imprint, not just on your tastebuds but your mind as well, making you a loyal fan for life. We present a visual descriptive walk-through of the various dishes served at the brunch - swipe right to see what the fuss is all about.



Capturing the very essence of "Tamba" which translates to copper- the entire restaurant is graced by warm vintage tones. The outdoor seating is perfect for gorgeous winter days whereas the inner seating is suitable all year round. I personally prefer indoor as the ceiling is opaque, gently filtering the light creating an intimate scene. They even have private dining booths perfect for families. Have a look at our photo gallery below, capturing the various images taken at this gorgeous spot. 


Priced at AED 195++ for soft beverages package and AED 295++ for the alcoholic package, I personally believe this is one of the best-priced brunches in Abu Dhabi. With the most unique and explosive flavors, sheer entertainment of fusion cuisine and the intimate ambiance- you get way more than you paid for. Full disclosure- My honest opinion would be to attend the brunch. I have heard not-so-raving reviews about the service from some very close followers so I wouldn't endorse that. But the brunch is to die for! I have already visited the place multiple times for the brunch.

This review is the personal opinion and carefully curated rantings of Sara K- the brainchild of the blog "It's Your SAY". The brunch was via invite. All imagery is her own and is copyrighted- please email for permissions before reuse.